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Without the proper delivery system, the ductwork, your HVAC system will not work properly or to its full efficiency. Ductwork problems cost you more money and make your HVAC system run more, limiting its life span

Common Problems

The most common issue is the lack of or missing insulation on the ductwork. This causes condensation under your house, a possible mold problem, excessive heat absorption or loss in the attic and for the HVAC system to run more than needed.

  • Improper hanging of the ductwork can kink, restricting and limiting the air flow into the house or a specific room.
  • Leaking air from poorly sealed ductwork and floor or ceiling vents allows the air to enter the crawl space or attic, not indoors where intended.
  • Under sized duct work restricts the air flow, minimizes the efficiency and causes the HVAC system to work harder than needed.
  • Poorly designed ductwork systems can cause one part of the house, or a single room, to heat and cool less than another.


  • Sealing joints, transitions, vents or another air leaking areas.
  • Repairing loose or missing insulation or installing more insulation over the old for added efficiency.
  • Reconfiguring the old ductwork to maximize the air flow to problem rooms.
  • Replacing the old ductwork with new properly upsized, sealed, insulated and hung ductwork for the best air flow and efficiency.
Call us today, we would be glad to inspect and evaluate your ductwork for the proper airflow and any potential inefficiency issues.